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Fowler Law Group’s Cases & Expertise

Automobile Accidents

When you’re injured in a crash or accident involving cars or trucks, Fowler Law Group will litigate to ensure you receive proper compensation for your injuries.

More About Our Vehicle Accident Cases

Two men next to two damaged cars after an accident

scene after a large tractor trailer semi truck crashed into a smaller vehicle

Large Truck Accidents

The Fowler Law Group builds cases that can overcome the resources and strategies insurance companies use against those injured in trucking accidents.

More About Our Large Truck Accident Cases

Motorcycle Accidents

Attorney Kelly Fowler has helped many injured motorcycle riders obtain the full compensation they deserve for their injuries and other types of damages, such as lost wages.

More About Our Motorcycle Accident Cases

motorcycle on a road in front of a car after it was hit in an accident collision

person with hands clasped inside a chapel before a funeral service

Wrongful Death

Our legal team understands the different types of wrongful death claims, how they apply to your situation, and the many other complexities involved in a wrongful death case.

More About Our Wrongful Death Cases

Boat Accidents

At Fowler Law Group, over 43 years of experience has made our attorneys highly skilled at litigating against insurance companies in boating accident cases.

More About Our Boat Accident Cases

boat damaged and abandoned by the river

person walking up a snow covered staircase in danger of slipping and falling

Slip & Fall Accidents

Our attorneys work with you to ensure that careless property owners are held accountable for the injuries caused by their failure to maintain safe premises and prevent slips and falls.

More About Our Slip & Fall Accident Cases

Traumatic Brain Injuries

We understand the challenges our clients face after suffering a brain injury, and what it takes to secure the full compensation they deserve for the hardships caused by TBIs.

More About Our Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

professional brain and neurological surgeon with digital tablet working in hospital clinic diagnosing a patients brain injuries

white and brown dog biting the hand of a person

Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

When you’re injured or bitten in a dog attack, Fowler Law Group attorneys know how to deal with the insurance company and secure the compensation you deserve.

More About Our Dog Attack Cases